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by Tony Farrelly   January 16, 2009  


There's a new button on the nav-bar. As of today we're blogging. We'll be using our blogs to tell you about what we're up to, stuff we've seen on our travels and, of course, to sound off occasionally about things that gets our goat!

As well as the usual members of the team we're also pleased to welcome a new voice to, VecchioJo, or Jo Burt, as he's known when he's not riding a bike.

You may know Jo as a cycling artist and creator of the legendary mountain biking sheep, Mint Sauce, or maybe that bloke who always looked like he had his saddle up just slightly too high on when he was on the cover of Cycling Plus (as if! He's just got freakishly long legs apparently) as his pen name suggests Jo will mainly be using his blog to talk about being on his bike 'n' stuff.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but we already have some entries on there, and internet connections permitting I'll be blogging from the Cervelo Test Team launch in Portugal this weekend – so if there's anything you every really wanted to ask Carlos Sastre or Thor Hushovd, nip on there and let me know and I'll try and ask it for you…