Get your mitts on some cycling suave for free!

Random I up, landlord, it's time to choose this weeks winner of a lovely bag of gear courtesy of the nice chaps at Morvélo. Time to press the big button, cue lots of 1980s sci fi whirring and flashing of light matrices, and the name on the ticker tape readout is:


Congratulations to you, sorry to those that missed out. More schwag real soon...


Okay, so it may not be quite up to the calibre of the whole bike we gave away the other week but this collection of stylish bike-related clothing will make you the envy of your peers, painfully attractive to whoever you want to be painfully attractive to, and make you at least 3.7mph faster on the bike. Maybe.

Those nice chaps at Morvélo have given us a t-shirt, some socks, a pair of arm-warmers, a cap, some badges and some stickers (hey, everyone loves stickers) to give away.

Here's what you need to do in order to stand a chance of winning some cycling suave: just post a comment on this story saying you want it and want it bad and you're in the draw. We'll pull a name from the biscuit-tin next Friday, round about tea-time, natch. The judges' decision is not open to bribery. And you can't have an equivalent cash prize instead to spend on sweets, fizzy-pop and comics either. Normal Schwag Grab rules, then.

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