This second running seemed even madder than the first, we're glad to say...

Take the English love of the eccentric and the well-worn and there's a good chance that the Tweed Run would suit you even if you weren't a fanatical cyclist. Add in a fine sunny Saturday and the top classy spots of London and it all adds up to a lot of smiles not to mention some interesting moustaches.

Officially, 400 "ladies and gentlemen" were registered to ride this second version of the ride in 1920s and 30s cycling attire, so plenty of fine Scottish suiting, silk cravats and vintage wool jerseys. The ride started from the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Grounds at the Chelsea College of Art & Design and took in 12 miles weaving around Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral and stopping in Kensington Gardens for tea. At the finish in Bishopsgate, a party with various bands was rounded off with lots of prizes and, no doubt, lashings of ginger beer.

The love of cycling in Tweed has been manifested this last year in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Durango, Colorado although it's the Toronto one that'll be "official" as Jacqui Shannon, co-founder of the London event will be popping across to organise. Says Jacqui, "With another successful London event in the bag, we are very excited about taking this unique event across the pond to Canada."

Tons of Tweed-related Flickr lunacy here courtesy of Bicycleimages