20mph signs start to go up in Bristol

Council hopes road users will get used to new speed limit ahead of pilot scheme introduction in May

by Simon_MacMichael   April 8, 2010  

Commuting in Bristol © Jonny Gawler

Bristol is getting set to introduce its first 20mph zones with signs and road markings alerting road users to the new speed limits starting to be put into place in the UK’s first Cycling City.

Jack.fm reports that Bristol City Council hopes that motorists will adapt to the new speed limits, which are being piloted in Southville, Windmill Hill and parts of Bedminster, prior to their formal introduction on 19th May. A second pilot scheme in east Bristol, including Easton and Montpelier, will follow later in the year.

The reduced speed limits are aimed at prompting people to switch to walking or cycling for short journeys, reduce accidents, cut vehicle emissions and benefit the environment, and the scheme, which falls under the Cycling City initiative, has been drawn up in partnership with Active Bristol.


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I live in the Southville area of Bristol and this proposal has been around for years, (along with suggestions for controlled residents' parking zones - as we're within walking distance of city ventre).The 20mph scheme has no enforcement or physical measures to reduce traffic speeds, so I can't see it changing much. We'll have 20mph signs and paint on the road but nothing else.

The council seems terrified of doing anything that might be thought to aggrivate motorists, or to really make cycling easier - controlled car parking was scrapped, no road closures, no cycling contraflows - what's to stop the rat-runners, commuter parking, boy-racers and flat-dwellers with four cars parked in the street?

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posted by Mike McBeth [73 posts]
9th April 2010 - 12:20


suddenly in the last 2/3 days there are 20mph signs all over the place... but the only people who seem to be oblivious to them are, well guess what, yep car drivers..

to be fair it is early days but its not like they didnt know it was going to happen.

right i'm off to get myself a speed camera Big Grin

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
30th April 2010 - 14:38