CSI Bromsgrove: Police appeal for help in finding cyclist's attacker... um, try Google Maps?

Newspaper website reader helps point officers in the right direction

by Simon_MacMichael   March 31, 2010  

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Police in Worcestershire have issued an appeal for information to help identify a van driver who attacked a cyclist in Bromsgrove last week – and one enterprising web user appears to have left officers flat footed by quickly identifying what appears to be the suspect’s employers using nothing more sophisticated than a basic Google Maps search.

The incident took place last Monday 22 March at around 6.30pm when the cyclist, who police say is in his 20s, was cycling along St Godwald’s Road heading for Tardebrigge when a van tried to overtake him.

The driver, unable to pass the cyclist, apparently began beeping the horn in frustration, but after the bike rider pulled over to allow it to pass, the van braked and stopped in front of him, with something thrown at the cyclist from the van as he rode by, hitting him on the head.

The Bromsgrove Advertiser reported that police were trying to trace the van involved in the incident, described as being “a white Ford Connect with large lettering on the side of it, possibly including the letters CCS and some smaller letters, which may have included the words ‘law enforcement’.”

The driver was said to be aged in his thirties and bald, while the van’s passenger was described as being younger and having short, spiky hair.

PC Sam Peterson of West Mercia Police told the newspaper: “Fortunately the cyclist was wearing a helmet and so was not injured as a result of this incident. Nevertheless, it’s important that we identify those involved and we’re appealing to anyone who witnessed the incident, recalls seeing the van in the Aston Fields area or feels they may know who this is from the description given, to get in touch with us.”

The first comment on the story seems to go a long way towards helping the police solve the ‘mystery.’ Made by a reader called Bobby J, it said: “Using Google Maps to search for "CCS near St Godwalds Road" returns the following result: "CCS Enforcement Services, 10, The Croft, Buntsford Drive, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove B60 4JE 01527 572000‎". Perhaps the Police would be well advised to direct their enquiries towards this organisation.”

Thanks to road.cc reader Gandberg for the spot!

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Doh! Looks like the cops could do with some common-sense lessons.


posted by OldRidgeback [2586 posts]
31st March 2010 - 18:27


What is about these "Enforcement" types are they on some sort of ego trip? Reminds me of when I got passed along a narrow lane by someone driving a van belonging to a local security company. He was driving rather too fast for the conditions and as he overtook me I happened to glance at him through the passenger window; nothing more threatening than that. He immediately jammed on his brakes and jumped out to confront me......I suspect it was only the presence of other witnesses that prevented his assulting me!

posted by BikerBob [116 posts]
1st April 2010 - 19:19