Kuota-road.cc take 2nd, 5th and 8th at the Tour of the Dengie Marshes

Only the strong survive in the Essex Marshes… luckily our team are strong

by Tony Farrelly   March 29, 2010  

The guys from Kuota-road.cc had a hard, but fair, day at the office yesterday riding the Tour of the Dengie Marshes – the fast becoming legendary race around the windswept badlands of Essex. Kuota-road.cc's Moz got himself in to the decisive three man break of the day to grab second place sandwiched between Basso riders, Adam Biggs and Robin Sharman, while in the sprint for minor placings Martin Smith grabbed 5th and Dan Davies came back in 8th.

All the team finished which was an achievement in itself on a day when the marshes claimed over half the field before the race's end at one point Kuota-road.cc had six riders in the early selection.

At one point it looked like things would come down to a straight shoot-out between Moz and Adam Biggs, but things changed when Biggs' team-mate Sharman managed to bridge across initially he had Martin Smith for company which would have made it two against two, but Martin wasn't able to hold on to Sharman and slipped back. At the same time the farm roads for which the Tour of the Dengie is renowned claimed Jeffe de Bruin as a victim when he slipped and was unable to make it back to the break.

On the run in the Basso riders used their two man advantage to the full and Biggs got 25 metres on our man Moz, and although he didn't have the legs to get that back he did have enough in the tank to hold off Sharman for second place.

After a good Essex workout the team can look forward to getting their new team kit this week and their new bikes too we will have more on that later this week.

Tour of the Dengie Marshes Top 10

1 Adam Biggs www.Bassobikes.co.uk 3h 20min 5secs
 2 Jon Mozley Kuota - Road CC @ 20 secs
 3 Robin Sharman www.Bassobikes.co.uk st
 4 Darren Barclay Arctic Premier RT @3 min 30 secs
 5 Martin Smith Kuota - Road CC st
 6 Daniele Santoni Pearson Cycles st
 7 Andy Lyons Orbea - For Goodness Shakes st
 8 Dan Davies Kuota - Road CC st
 9 Jason Edwards VC Meudon @ 4 min
 10 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha RC

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