Dope cheat claims still haunt Ullrich as UCI demand investigation

Swiss decision annoys world cycling body

by Tom Henry   March 26, 2010  

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The doping scandal which has dogged 1997 Tour winner Jan Ullrich for almost four years shows no sign of abating after the UCI said he could still face legal proceedings.

Last month, the Swiss Olympic Committee (SOC) decided not to take any action against the German, who has been under a cloud since the Operation Puerto affair of 2006, which saw him fired from the T-Mobile team on the eve of that year's Tour.

This week, the UCI have confirmed they've appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the SOC's decision to halt the investigation into Ullrich's past.

They say they are not satisfied with the decision to stop the investigation and insist a decision must be made whether Ullrich is guilty or not.

The SOC had decided not to pursue the investigation about Ullrich, who lived in Switzerland, because the German resigned from the Swiss cycling federation in 2006.

Ullrich was linked to the Operation Puerto scandal after samples of his blood were found during a police raid on Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes who was at the centre of a doping ring.

Ullrich, who also finished second in the Tour de France five times as well as third and fourth, has always inisted he's never doped. He retired in 2007.


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Why are the UCI so obsessed with him? Surely they would be better off concentrating on the future of Cycling.

If he did he wasn't the only one at that time and he is never going to admit to it.

Move on, it does the sport no good muckraking.

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posted by demoff [344 posts]
26th March 2010 - 14:42


Totally agree seems like a waste of time and money

On a bike somewhere…

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posted by thebikeboy [138 posts]
26th March 2010 - 15:44

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This Is more about integrity past and present.The old excuse that hey everyone was doing it at the time is really piss weak.Hunt the cheats down! yesterday ,today and tomorrow


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posted by OziRich [4 posts]
27th March 2010 - 3:17




Have the UCI taken action on this one yet?

Lets have some consistency in the present before going back in time.

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posted by demoff [344 posts]
27th March 2010 - 8:44