Final slice of funding found for commemorative route

A further £500,000 to build a 21-mile cycle route around Preston, Lancashire, has been announced by the county council.

The Guild Wheel route is now underway, and it is hoped it will be finished by 2012, when the city will hold its Guild celebrations. The event is held every 21 years.

After a £1m pledge towards the project in January, Lancashire County Council has now promised the extra money from the Local Transport Plan.

County Coun Geoff Driver, leader of Lancashire County Council, said: "The Guild Wheel promises to be one of the best cycling routes in the country.

"Not only will it provide a more environmentally-friendly way of getting around the city, it will be a place where people can take in Preston's historic sites, keep fit and use purpose-built play facilities.

"The Guild Wheel will also be lined with trees and hedges attracting a variety of wildlife.

"The 2012 Guild promises to be a spectacular celebration of Preston's history and heritage and I'm pleased to work with the city council on this scheme."



badbunny [71 posts] 7 years ago

I've sat in on the Council group pushing this forward. It has been a long hard slog by some dedicated individuals to get to this stage - but well done!

Tony Farrelly [2893 posts] 7 years ago

It certainly sounds like an exciting and ambitious project, it's amazing to think how much is possible for such a relatively small amount of money - imagine how much a ring road costs by comparison.

Mind you, it does seem that a lot of these projects even though they are for relative peanuts seem to take such a large amount of effort to get approval for considering most should really be no-brainers. It's the same here in Bath, the council has taken a glacial age to actually commit to the Two Tunnels project while at the same time seeming trying to move heaven and earth to push through an expensive rapid transit system that the people who live here don't actually seem to want.