Route change avoids winter nasties and still offers challenges

The smashed up roads and potholes that winter inflicted on British roads is affecting road cycling and, in one instance, has forced the organisers of the Cotswold Spring Classic to change the route.

When Andy Kirk and Andrew Wilcox went to have a look at the roads ahead of this year's event, they realised that many of them were far too hazardous to hold the ride on.

So, after a good look over the map and plenty of trips around the area, a new route has been devised, and the event will go ahead on Easter Monday, April 5.

“The potholes were terrible,” said Andrew, “and while you might be able to negotiate them if you're experienced, they posed a danger to the less experienced rider. So we came up with an alternative route which is just as challenging and takes in some classic Cotswold climbs as well as stretches on the flat.

“We've kept in some of the best roads from 2009, but added in a completely new section heading south from the start - resulting in two new feed station locations and some amazing scenery.”

The event will offer riders the choice of a 100km route or a 100 mile (160km) route through some of the best countryside the Cotswolds has to offer - and you won’t need to decide on the route you’re taking until you get to the split point on the day.

Each route will be comprehensively signed, with well stocked feed stations out on the route (one for the 100km route and two for the 160km route) and motorcycle outrider support from the National Escort Group and NEG MediBikes. Mechanical support will be provided on the day by Performance Cycles, at the start, each feed station and also in a support car out on the road.

Given the severity of the weather this winter and the fact that many sportives are run over the sorts of quieter rural roads that are likely to be low down on most council's pothole priority hit list we wouldn't be surprised to hear of more such route changes to other events in the coming weeks.

Details of both of these new routes, and how to enter, can be found at www.cotswoldspringclassic.co.uk


cat1commuter [1421 posts] 8 years ago

Pansies! Did the Cheltenham Flyer Audax in this area last weekend. No route changes on that.

Tony Farrelly [2927 posts] 8 years ago

Heh! Well maybe you weren't riding over the same roads… they've got a few in the Cotswolds.  39

Dave and I rode the Cotswold Spring Classic last year and after the snow we had in Feb there were some big nasty potholes on some of the faster, narrower descents then. Pretty hairy if you going tearing down one in a large group of mixed ability riders. I can well imagine that some of those quieter roads are in a terrible state now.