Tom La Marche has a typical fixed day out bouncing off British landmarks on his Charge

Here's the latest in Charge's ongoing series of videos featuring their sponsored fixed gear riders. Fixed 4 features their American rider Tom La March on a flying visit to Britain and enjoying "a typical fixed day out". Blimey he didn't have get about… pinging around Southern England. It must have been a long day. 

So Tom hits Gold Hill in Shaftesbury famous for the 70s Hovis ad - Victoria Pendleton recently rode up it for the new Hovis ad, he's all over Bath practically dive-bombing the old road.cc office around the corner from the Royal Crescent, plus the local skate park, and our fave bit of bike test shooting park, before being chased out of town by irate locals for bouncing off the Abbey walls… maybe we made that bit up.

Then it's off down to Brighton to ride the awesome disused railway tunnel that's been converted for skaters and BMXers, before heading up to the Big Smoke… oh, and he manages a visit to Charge HQ, all of which is interspersed with some pretty cool riding… although dare we say it, he's not quite up to Chris Ackrigg standard just yet although what do we know, watch it and judge for yourselves.

Fixed 4 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

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jezzzer [329 posts] 6 years ago

where's that tunnel?

Tony Farrelly [2880 posts] 6 years ago

It's in Brighton… it was built by Nike for their Tunnel Jam and then left in place for the local BMXers