Essex cyclist survives being dragged for 1,000 metres under hit and run van

Police seek witnesses and information on Sunday morning incident

by Simon_MacMichael   March 4, 2010 news

Police have issued an appeal for witnesses after a cyclist in Essex was dragged under a van which failed to stop, the vehicle’s occupants subsequently fleeing and leaving the victim trapped underneath.

The 35-year-old cyclist, who has not been named, had been cycling along Station Lane in Ingatsetone at 7am last Sunday morning when he was knocked off his bike and dragged underneath a white Ford Transit van.

The vehicle was abandoned further along the road with its occupants fleeing the scene on foot, eventually stopping with the victim still beneath the vehicle. Fire fighters managed to free him after using airbags to lift the van, and he was taken to Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, where he was treated for multiple bone fractures. He has since been transferred to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Calvin Goody, station commander at Ingatestone fire station, told the Brentwood Weekly News that he believed the cyclist had been dragged for around one kilometre before the van came to a halt. He added that fire crews had arrived at the scene by 7.15 and that it took 20 minutes to free the victim, and said: “When we got the man out from under the van he was talking, but he had serious facial and arm injuries.”

The newspaper added that police combed the area on Sunday with dogs looking for evidence and later arrested three people on suspicion of perverting the course of justice at a property in Ingatestone, a 43-year-old man and 42-year-old woman from the area, and a 29-year-old man from Croydon. The trio have been released on police bail until May 10.

Witnesses to the incident, or anyone with further information, are asked to call the Chigwell Road Policing Unit on 0300 3334444.

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If I was a daily mail reader I'd be saying hanging is too good for the van driver.

It is incidents like these that make my wife want me to get the bus to work everyday...

posted by guidob [57 posts]
4th March 2010 - 11:43


No, if you were a Daily Mail reader you'd be saying that the cyclist obviously cut off the van while running over a pensioner on the pavement while wearing dark clothing and running a red light, and it's his own fault he ended up under a van and anyway what was he doing on the road he hadn't paid anything for. Or that could just be generalising DM readers.

Start Cycle Commuting. Write off your car!

posted by step.doran [71 posts]
4th March 2010 - 11:52


Only a few miles from where the guy was killed on the DunRun a few years back, by a white van coming round the corner on the wrong side. Makes me shiver as I ride here (it's my neck of the woods) 7am in the morning?? jeez.

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posted by londondailyphoto [76 posts]
4th March 2010 - 12:33

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Holy Crap.

1,000m under a van and the bastards do a runner?

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posted by jobysp [145 posts]
4th March 2010 - 14:37


What is it with white van drivers? Are they another species all together? Does somebody tell them "try to kill as many cyclists as you can?", or "bully everybody out of your way"?

Yes, hanging is too good for this scumbag! I hope they get the appropriate sentence when they are caught. And by appropriate I mean minimum 10 years!


"Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints".

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posted by LondonCalling [146 posts]
4th March 2010 - 18:53


@LondonCalling: I'm a van driver and the answer's "No". Best not to tar with the same brush - falls into the same generalization trap as the anti-cyclist mob.

posted by nigel_s [38 posts]
4th March 2010 - 19:50


It was a white van driver (Mercedes Sprinter) who nearly took me out a few weeks back when he turned left right in front of me without warning. They're not all like that, but a disproportionately high percentage of them are.


posted by OldRidgeback [2579 posts]
4th March 2010 - 22:03

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I took my wife into town to the tube station early this morning as she had an early flight to catch. I was overtaken on the inside on three occasions by vans significantly breaking the speed limit as they hammered up the bus lanes - two were white vans and one was red. I was overtaken by one car on the inside, a silver Renault. I don't hang about as a driver but I do try and stick to posted limits and where there are speed cameras about I take care as I want to retain my clean licence. Clearly these van drivers and the person in the Renault were working to a different rule.

This experience backs up what I posted earlier about white van drivers. No, they aren't all like that but a disproportionately large number do drive inappropriately in other words.

On a similar note, I don't know how this guy dodged a manslaughter charge:


posted by OldRidgeback [2579 posts]
5th March 2010 - 11:24

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OldRidgeback wrote:

On a similar note, I don't know how this guy dodged a manslaughter charge:

Do you mean "dodged a murder charge"? He was found guilty of manslaughter. If tried for murder he would have stood a good chance of not being convicted.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1448 posts]
5th March 2010 - 12:05


My mistake, I thought he was convicted of causing death by careless driving, a much lesser charge (though not for the victim or the victim's family).


posted by OldRidgeback [2579 posts]
5th March 2010 - 22:26


This afternoon, I heard a vehicle with a siren approaching in the village I live in, so as you do I looked down the road to see what was happening.

And the first thing I saw was a white Ford Transit using the opportunity of the break in the traffic caused by vehicles pulling over or stopping to turn right and join the main road.

The ambulance that was obviously in a lot of hurry to get somewhere had to slow down and swerve to avoid it Surprise

As pointed out above, it's not all white van drivers, but you do tend to notice the ones who aren't doing the right thing.

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9501 posts]
6th March 2010 - 0:17

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I am horrified by this story. While I don't like to stereotype I also feel there are a disproportionate number of bad white van drivers. Several years ago, I was cycling with my daughter and her friend (then 11 years old). These girls have been brought up to cycle and we were all cycling single file through our village, on our way to the Sports Day at their school. I was last in file so that I could see everything that they were doing. A big white van cut in front of my daughter and missed her by a hair's breadth - literally. An involuntary sound emitted from me that I've never made before or since. I was shaking violently, completely traumatised. He got stuck in traffic a little way round the corner and I instructed the girls to memorise his number. I was in a terrible state, still shaking violently, but I went up to the driver to remonstrate with him. He was talking on a mobile which he made no effort to hide. He told the person he was conversing with to hang on and then had the effrontery to 'Yes love?'. I told him that he had nearly killed my daughter, that speaking on a mobile was illegal and that I would be reporting him. His reaction? He shrugged nonchalantly and said OK. When the police did catch up with him, he said I was making it up. The police said they couldn't do anything because it was my word against his and the girls' word didn't count.
This week, while cycling home, an X reg white Ford Transit came to a red light, swerved into the bus lane to dodge it and then back into the traffic. I caught up with it at the next set of lights. There were 3 boys in there and I'd be surprised if any of them were 17 or over (I have a son of this age and teach this age group).
The driver looked particularly young and frightened. When I said I was going to report them the middle one just laughed derisively. Yes, I reported them.
We should make STOP SMIDSY more widely known and make sure the police know about it. My local PCSOs didn't know about it until I told them.
I'd like to a)judges be obliged to have cycle training which included busy roads and b)prison sentences for drivers who injure and kill cyclists to be harsher. I also think they should be made to cycle in traffic and made to meet their victims (where injury not death has taken place).

Lastly, my son and I recently found 3 groups on Facebook called 'I hate cyclists'. The authors of all the groups were drivers. One of them went into graphic detail about how he'd like to drive through a group of about 50 cyclists and mow them down without fear of reprisal. We reported these groups and hopefully they have been closed down but it made me wonder - if we substituted the word 'cyclist' with a word which indicated race, religion or gender - would these crimes be treated in such a low-key way?

posted by PieG59 [7 posts]
6th March 2010 - 1:20

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So sorry for what you went through! What a scumbag.

As for the Facebook groups, don't hold your breath. I grew tired of reporting violent groups, to no avail. One of them stated that pushing cyclists off their bikes was a totally acceptable practice! If that's not a call for violence, I don't know what it is. I even sent a link (when reporting the group) to a news report of a 60 year old roofer who eneded up paralized after being pushed off his bike by a passing driver. The group is still there. It's called "Intolerance for Cyclists Society" if you wish to report it.

And you are right. Substitute the word "cyclist" for "jew", "black", "asian", "muslim", "welsh", "irish", "whites", "aussies", etc, etc, etc and you have a hate crime in your hands.

"Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints".

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posted by LondonCalling [146 posts]
9th March 2010 - 15:18

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