...OK, they never left Doncaster but they DID put in the miles!

A pair of MTB stunt riders will entertain kids at a Doncaster school today after the pupils cycled the equivalent of Lapland and back for charity.

Ben Slinger and Danny Butler arrive at Hayfield Lane Primary School with a jaw-dropping mountain bike show to congratulate them on winning a Virtual Cycle to Santa Race.

During the three weeks before Christmas, Sustrans challenged eight Doncaster primary schools to cycle the 2170 mile equivalent of travelling from Doncaster to Lapland, without leaving their local area.

Pupils clocked up mileage points each time they cycled to and from school. Each of these short local trips was awarded a set amount of miles, contributing to the school’s virtual journey to Lapland.

Hayfield Lane Primary School claimed victory after completing the 2170 mile target in two and a half weeks. An average of 31 children cycled to the school each day, creating a total of 467 journeys by bike.

Tom Collister, the school’s Sustrans Bike It officer commented, “We were astounded by the amount of dedicated children that cycled to school each day; even bad weather conditions didn’t stop them.

”We organised the race to show children, and parents, just how easy it is to choose two wheels instead of four for the school run. Cycling to school has so many benefits for pupils such as improved health, confidence and concentration as well as the obvious benefits for the environment they will grow up in.”

Sustrans works in partnership with 12 schools in the Doncaster area. The project receives funding from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and the Big Lottery Fund.