OS map prices slashed ahead of April's Government giveaway...

Mobile mapping specialists Anquet maps are currently offering their entire range of mapping at half price. The company, which make desktop and Windows Mobile software for GPS mapping on the go, have slashed their prices ahead of the Government's much anticipated decision to open up online map data to free usage in April.

As yet it's not entirely clear (to us, at least) how this will affect services such as Anquet and Memory Map which allow you to store map data locally, rather than donwload it on demand from a server. We've heard from other mapping providers (Grough Route, for example) who are intending to stop charging for using their services.

Anyway, the big sale at Anquet means that you can get a disc of a UK region (we're currently testing the South West one pictured above, watch out for a review soon) for just £15 - the disc includes OS 1:50k Landranger mapping and desktop and smartphone software. You can do all the usual stuff: create routes on your PC and upload them to your phone, follow uploaded routes, track your progress and download recorded tracks.

As well as the regional discs you can have the North, Central and South UK DVDs for just £50 a pop, or the whole of the UK for £82.50. 1:25k mapping is half price too, though that still doesn't make it that cheap at £15 a map. Pay as you go downloads are half price too, meaning you can have 10,000 square kilometres of 1:50k mapping of your choice for just a fiver.

For more on the Anquet maps sale, head over to http://anquet.co.uk/February-Sale.aspx

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