poll results - What you consider the biggest danger on Britain's roads

Too much aggression, too little attention - readers split down middle on greater hazard

by Simon_MacMichael   February 24, 2010 biggest danger on roads poll.png readers are equally split between viewing drivers who pay cyclists no attention and those road users whose aggression means they display too much of it as the biggest dangers on the roads, according to our latest poll.

With around 300 votes cast, just a single vote separated the two choices, both of which gained 40% of the votes cast, with “The general level of aggression displayed by all road users” edging out “Drivers not paying attention” by 120 votes to 119.

As usual, the poll sparked some lively debate in the comments, with the likes of inadequate law enforcement and the lack of attention paid by cyclists themselves highlighted by readers as other sources of danger, as well as HGVs and iPod-wearing pedestrians.

Combined, the top two choices garnered four out of five votes cast, leaving “The roads themselves: poorly designed, poorly maintained” a distant third, perhaps surprisingly given that we are in peak pothole season as the seemingly interminable winter continues.

Bringing up the rear was “Me! I'm a menace 2 society! (© Daily Mail 2010),” which got the nod from just 18 of you, presumably – indeed, hopefully – with tongue firmly in cheek.

Our latest poll enters into the spirit of London Fashion Week, which ended yesterday, and seeks to find out what it is that floats your boat when it comes to cycling attire.