Firefly lights up the rider AND the road

A rear cycle light that senses approaching traffic and illuminates both the rider and the road has been nominated for a major international award.

Australian design student James Morton has come up with the 'Firefly', a piece of kit that uses a passive infra-red sensor to detect vehicles coming from the rear. The closer the vehicle gets, the brighter the light shines. It also employs a set of white LEDS to light up the rider's back and the road beneath the bike.

The design has now been shortlisted in the Australian International Design Awards, sponsored by vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson.

James Morton said: “This is a completely unique product that has the potential to save lives. Thorough testing has proven its ability to illuminate the rider. It is competitively priced for entry into the existing market. The Firefly light is the future of safe cycling.”