The perfect accompaniment for your posh new fixed frame?

We reported on the fact that Rolf Prima wheels are back in the UK not so long ago, and here's proof: we've just taken delivery of our first set. And a very fine set they are too: the P-Town singlespeed urban wheels.

Named for the bike mecca that is Portland, Oregon, the P-Towns are, according the the Rolf Prima website, "the wheel we all wanted and couldn't wait to build". What they wanted to build, then, is a very fine looking town wheelset based around a flip-flop hub and a 34mm section alloy rim.

Rolf have long been known for their paired spoking and that technology runs through all their current wheels, even the tandem ones. You get 14 radial spokes on the front of this set, and 16 on the rear in a single-cross pattern. There's a standard thread on one side of the rear hub, while the other will accept a White Industries fixed sprocket.

Rolf Prima claim a weight of 1675g for the pair but ours were comfortably under that, tipping the scales at 1617g without axle nuts. They're certainly a beautiful looking pair of wheels and deserve to be fitted to something special, maybe the Lynskey fixed we saw at Hotlines earlier in the week. Now that would be a nice bike!

The P-Towns retail for £675, for info on where to get them drop Chocolate Distribution a line at info [at] chocolatedistribution.com. And stay tuned for a review soon.

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