Bike manufacturer wants to promote grassroots approach in London

London cyclists who but a Trek will be helping contribute to schemes funded by the London Cycling Campaign. Trek has pledge to make donation based on the number of its bikes sold in London to the London Cycling Campaign.

The money could total around £20,000 and some of it is already allocated to initiatives taken up by the LCC.

“Trek has always been heavily involved in getting more people on bicycles, it’s a company ethos that goes back to its very first days,” says Trek’s Andrew Griffin. “Hopefully this funding is not only a catalyst for positive change in the capital, but a catalyst for very real progress on wider scale.”

Trek will be working with LCC on a number of projects that will hopefully highlight the benefits of cycle commuting in London and help create strategies that may become templates for other cities to follow. Trek feels that supporting the inclusive, grass-roots structure of the LCC, has the potential to bring more non-cyclists to consider cycle commuting, while also maintaining a support system for those that already do.

Koy Thomson LCC Chief Executive said: “We are delighted with this progressive partnership, Trek has great vision in recognising that support to LCC’s grassroots and expert advocacy, promotes the creation of a safer London for cyclists, grows cycling and thus benefits the individual, the community and the cycling industry.

“LCC’s many activists, volunteers and members are deeply and critically engaged in all aspects of London cycling, from local rides and community projects, to detailed policy advice and scrutiny, from neighbourhood to City Hall. Trek’s support will help us to step-up this work. Our priorities this year will be combating cycle theft, reducing road danger for cyclists, and a big push to get the best possible out of the Mayor’s cycling programmes”