What's on? Find stuff to do using road.cc's new calendar of cycling events

Your new year-round guide to cycle-related happenings in Britain

by Tony Farrelly   February 12, 2010  

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Eagle-eyed users of the site will have spotted a new addition to road.cc's top nav not to mention a new box on most of the pages listing upcoming events, click on either and you'll be taken to our brand new What's on section, a calendar of cycling events for the year.

We've got together information on all the cycling related events we could find and put them into one calendar. Want to find a sportive, charity ride, early season reliability ride? If you are after some cycle-related fun at the weekend or you want to plan your rides for the season this is the place to look. Click on the month you're interested in and you'll get a list of all the events we have for that month, helpfully colour-coded by type (we'll adding an even more helpful key to those codes really soon, although they are pretty obvious in most cases) to find out more about an event on the list click on it and you'll be taken through to its event page - if you want to know more, or if it's an event like a sportive that you can enter online there will be a link to the event website. As a great man once said: Bish! Bash! Bosh!

And to keep you up to date with the latest happening we've added a useful upcoming events box listing the next five events in our calendar – it's on the homepage and most of the other pages on the site. So if you were thinking riding the Fife Century Road Club Reliability Ride on Sunday there's one less excuse for forgetting.

Reflecting the boom in sportive riding there's lots of sportives on there, but if you know of any more please tell us (info@road.cc) but What's on is not just about sportives. We're also adding as many other types of cycle- related events as possible too, we've got sections for Audax, Charity rides, Time trials, Pro races, Road races, Circuit races, Shows Social events and 'Other' events. Oh, and road.cc events too.

On the social side, tomorrow night's cycling film night in Bristol is on there and we'd like to hear from anyone else organising similar events around the country. One type of event we're particularly keen to add is cycle jumbles, so if you're organising any, or you know of one or indeed any cycling event that needs sharing with a wider public please drop us a line to info@road.cc telling us where, when, how much it costs and giving event contact details.

We have got plans to do a lot more with the What's on section some really quite exciting stuff that'll make it a lot more than simply a calendar in the meantime though we hope you find this a useful start… and remember if you are organising any sort of cycle related event you think more people should know about tell us by mailing details to info@road.cc


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top work - planning my targets now!
thanks Big Grin

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