CTC Cymru argues cycle path follows wrong route

It might only be February, but the first shot in the 'prom wars' debate has just been fired in North Wales.

The opening salvo has been heard in Llandudno, where cyclists have told the local council that its plan for a new cycle route 'makes no sense' and should be along the prom.

However, a ban on cycling along Llandudno prom is in force, and although cyclists have said it is easily wide enough to accommodate riders, the council is set on keeping it cycle-free.

A public exhibition next week will show the plans for the new route between the existing cycle path on the North Shore to West Shore.

According to the North Wales Pioneer, the plans will show the suggested route from Colwyn Road near Bodafon Fields, along Mostyn Avenue through the centre of Craig Y Don, and down Clarence Crescent.

The proposed path will then continue down Maesdu Road before going over the bridge, which is currently under reconstruction, and on to West Shore where it will link up with the coastal path.

Roy Spilsbury of CTC Cymru, condemned the plans. He said: “The Maesdu Road cycle route makes no sense. It is a deliberate ploy to divert attention from where cycle access is most needed - Llandudno North Shore. Maesdu Road is a misuse of priority public funding to encourage cycling where it is most likely to make a difference.

“CTC Cymru has simply asked for those cycling along the North Shore to be able to ride in safety along the promenade. The construction of a 'path' is not necessary. The prom is wide enough for everyone to share in safety. It is unreasonable to demand that cyclists push their bikes, possibly heavily loaded, for over a mile along the prom.”

Councillors have argued cyclists could endanger pedestrians if the track goes on the prom. There is also opposition to a suggestion that the promenade flowerbeds could be removed to accommodate the path.

Gogarth ward councillor Margaret Lyon said she: "The most sensible option is to take the cycle route along Maesdu Road and over the new Maesdu Bridge to West Shore. I am so pleased that it is not going along the promenade where cyclists would be putting pedestrians in danger. The promenade is one of Llandudno’s main attractions and removing the flowerbeds would have detracted from its appeal.”

* The plans will be on display in Venue Cymru between 2pm-7pm on Friday, February 19 and between 10am-4pm on Saturday, February 20.