Fiat and Domino's Pizza get a slice of cycling action...

Something of an Italian flavour has crept into cycling sponsorship in the last few days, with the news that Fiat is backing British Cycling, and a Milton Keynes-based team is being sponsored by Domino's Pizza.

Car giant Fiat has signed a deal with British Cycling that will see them supply cars for use by the team and staff over the next three years.

Britain's champion Olympic and Paralympic teams will use the Fiat Bravo, the new Punto Evo and Fiat's 500 city car for transport.

British Cycling said the choice was influenced by the Italian manufacturer's environmental credentials.

British Cycling chief executive Ian Drake said: "Our partnership with Fiat builds upon British Cycling's strategy to create a family of commercial partners with a view to building a long-term, sustainable future for the sport in the UK.

"As well as producing vehicles well suited to our diverse needs, Fiat is among the most environmentally conscious car manufacturers, which complements our efforts to create a more sustainable future for transport in Britain."

Meanwhile, pizza delivery kings Domino's has sponsored teamSynergy, the latest in a string of city groups and charities sponsored by the company after a number of their staff took advantage of the Government's Ride to Work Scheme.

The team competes in a number of cycling events across the UK, France and Belgium, as well as helping team members reach the highest levels possible in the sport.

It also works to encourage people to have a go at the sport either socially or competitively.

Domino's PR manager, Georgina Wald, said: "Quite a few members of staff have been involved in charity cycle rides over the last year.

"Combined with the promotion of the Ride to Work scheme teamSynergy seemed a great link up for both of us.

"We will be looking forward to the guys coming up with some city cycle rides and we will be encouraging all our staff to get involved."

Director sportif and co-owner at teamSynergy, Grant Phillips added: "Like all clubs and groups, we need the support of businesses to keep going and I'm delighted to welcome Domino's on board.

"We will be looking to make this more than just a logo sticking exercise.

"We plan to work closely to get all those at Domino's Milton Keynes headquarters, and staff in the stores, on their bikes."


G-bitch [328 posts] 8 years ago

Queue cycling stars braking down en-route to races due to that old fashioned contradiction in terms.. 'quality Italian engineering'  4