US fixed pioneer signs for Charge

From Philly to Frome…

by Tony Farrelly   December 9, 2008  


Tom La Marche has taken the Charge shilling and will ride a Plug and test samples of a new prototype frame the Scissor, a production prototype will be heading his way later this month.

La Marche is a long-time member of the US-fixed gear scene although he is based in Philadelphia where riding fixed remains more of an underground activity than it does in cities like New York or San Francisco. You can read a mini interview with their new recruit on the Charge website in which among other things he reveals that he does know all the words to the theme tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air although he seems slightly incredulous that we got it over here too. He also talks about his upcoming road trip to Europe in January. Here's his take on the vexed question of whether fixed gear bikes are a cultural and social expression of individuality or a fashion trend?

“Some people love riding, some people like fashion. Track bikes are very aesthetically pleasing and can be customised pretty easily by people that don't have a ton of knowledge about bikes, so it draws in the fashion crowd. a lot of people on fixed gears don't realise how fun other forms of cycling can be and limit themselves. When it comes down to it, we're all just another person on a bike at the end of the day.”

Sound bloke. You can read more of the interview with Tom La Marche here.