'Bicycle Thieves' stay on screen - not in the street...

A tongue-in-cheek showing of a classic 1948 film will accompany the unveiling of new bike racks outside a York cinema.

The City Screen in Coney Street is to show Vittorio De Sica's 'The Bicycle Thieves' on Tuesday February 2 at 6.15pm.

Cyclists attending the film will be able to use the 20 spaces installed by Cycling City York on a raised area in front of the cinema and opposite the nearby St Martin-le-Grand Church. Bosses at the City Screen have replaced broken railings and paving stones outside the cinema.

Next Tuesday's screening will also see North Yorkshire Police outside the cinema from 4.30pm offering people the chance to have their cycles security marked and registered before they watch the film as part of cycle theft crackdown Operation Spoke.

“It’s great to see the various partnership organisations which make up Cycling City York working together to provide secure cycle parking for shoppers and cinema-goers in the city centre,” City Screen general manager Tony Clarke told the York Press.

“We’ve been keen to improve cycling parking for our customers for some time – the bicycle thieves on the cinema screen are the only ones we want to see around here!”

* Tickets for The Bicycle Thieves can be bought at the City Screen kiosk, by phoning 0871 704 2054, or at picturehouses.co.uk/york


Old Cranky [261 posts] 8 years ago

 22 I've not heard of this film. Any good?

What other 'classic' cycling films are worth watching?


DaSy [791 posts] 8 years ago

A Sunday in Hell is for me the best cycling film of all time.

neilwheel [133 posts] 8 years ago

One of the best films ever made, if Italian neo-realism cinema is your thing and still pretty good if its not.
Not about cycling, despite 'Bicycle' appearing in the title.