Twice the distance, twice the pain

Rollapaluza broke with their tradition and used their winter league series to experiment with a 1000m only event, twice the normal race distance. Despite the fear and trepidation expressed in advance, competitor numbers were actually up on round one with 47 riders, 13 of who were female. There were a lot more bloodthirsty spectators too!

The increased distance certainly added to the atmosphere with twice as long for the spectators to cheer. At the end of the night some of the crowd were as worn out as the racers.

Round one winners Rachel and Joe repeated their victories, but in both events there's plenty of challengers who are getting closer to toppling the current league leaders.

Two new DJs (Teenslain and Pajamas) and two new MCs (RPM and Stelle) were welcomed to the Rollapaluza stable with Stelle doing a fine job of commentating in between races, she even managed a second place finish.

A TV crew filmed this round so expect to see Rollapaluza on multiple global sports channels sometime soon. Maybe.



  • Rachel
  • Stelle
  • Agata
  • Jo
  • Fastest time: Rachel


  • Joe Wood
  • Matt Theobalds
  • Jason Cattermole
  • Chris Moores
  • Fastest Time: Joe Wood

Full results and photos of all competitors and details of the league

More photos here...

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