First pics of new brand's range topper...

If you've been thumbing through the websites of the UK sportives looking for your target rides for the year than you'll have come across the name of Verenti by now. They're sponsoring calendar highlights such as the Dragon Ride and the Magnificat – as well as the new sportive at Mountain Mayhem – and a host of other rides across the UK this year. So far though, we haven't seen any of the bikes. Until now, that is.

Paul from Verenti dropped us a line this morning with these teaser shots of the Verenti Rhigos.01. Verenti's first range of bikes will be sportive-oriented, and of the six that they're going to make the Rhigos.01 is the range topper, decked out in SRAM Red, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels and 3T finishing kit. From what we can see the top bike is going to be a carbon-lugged affair, and a jolly nice looking one at that. The range will run from alloy frames upwards; The Aluminium-framed Kilmeston will be £850, and the Alloy/Carbon Millook will cost £1200. The Rhigos comes in three flavours depending on what kit you want hanging from that Carbon frame: the top end bike as pictured is going to be £2900, and there's £1800 and £1400 builds too.

Also revealed is what the name actually means. We didn't know, and Google translate couldn't help either, but now all is clear. "Verenti has its origins in the French and Latin word verite literally meaning truth", Paul tells us. "The concept of truth and being true to oneself when riding seemed perfect to build a brand around".

Sportives won't be the end of it - road racing, cyclo cross and TT bikes are all on the cards too, and Verenti are promising a range that's "designed bottom-up for performance" for whatever type of riding you do. Paul told us that "all the bikes will offer the performance desired by enthusiastic cyclists at a price that can only be delivered through direct design and sourcing from the best manufacturers in the world". Which is nice. Certainly full SRAM Red and a decent wheelset on a lugged Carbon frame for under three grand seems like a good deal, we don't have any info on the other builds right now.

The first Verenti bikes will be available from March this year, and we will of course get one to have a play with just as soon as we can.You'll also be able to see the bikes at the Verenti-sponsored events this year. You're a bit late, if you haven't entered already, for the Dragon ride which is now full, but you can join us on the new Mountain Mayhem sportive on Sunday 20 June and catch a look at the range there, as well as spending a day riding through the stunning Herefordshire countryside. You can camp all weekend, and you'll get free entry to the Mountain Mayhem festival site too, to check out the entertainment and watch a bit of the MTB racing. Join in!

Dave is a founding father of road.cc and responsible for kicking the server when it breaks. In a previous life he was a graphic designer but he's also a three-time Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling world champion, and remains unbeaten through the bog. Dave rides all sorts of bikes but tends to prefer metal ones. He's getting old is why.