Stay Awesome window stickers now available

You asked for 'em, so we made 'em

by Dave Atkinson   September 1, 2014  

Stay Awesome window sticker


We've had an unexpected amount of success with our Stay Awesome stickers. But plenty of people who care more about their car paintwork than clearly we do have requested the message in window sticker form. And who are we to deny them?

The new window sticker is 250x60mm and will look great in your posh car*, or in your window, or on a partition door in your workplace. Until someone officious removes it. That one's in our office window. Elliot is there for scale, although it's worth pointing out that he's about eight feet tall. You can order them using the link at the bottom of the page.

As well as the window stickers we also have plenty of the standard sticker stickers, which are great for your car if you're not too fussed about getting it off later. Or you can stick one on your laptop lip or your tool cupboard or your fridge, or any other flat surface really. Pro tip: wet the surface with a spray first: it's easier to get the air bubbles out and reposition the sticker, then when it dries it'll be looking sharp. Again, you can order them below.

And as if that wasn't enough there's still some business-card-sized ones which are great for mudguards and notebooks, and sticking on other people's adverts on mirrors in toilets at bike shows. Allegedly. If you want some of them, just bung us a stamped, addressed envelope to:
The South Vaults
Green Park Station

Happy stickering and being awesome!

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I can't believe that Phil Neville is backing this campaign.

Well done!

posted by farrell [1945 posts]
1st September 2014 - 16:53


Can I collect them next Friday? Some low key cycling event in Bath I'll be along to see.

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posted by Redvee [175 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 10:55



posted by cyclingdave70 [32 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 11:43


It's excellent that you listen to the cycling public so how about a jersey with this on the back?

posted by harragan [114 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 14:54


Mine arrived today, given all but one away. Now all I need to do is get a car to put mine in. Doubt the mother in law will let me put it in hers, she's not keen on cyclists.

Oh dear, that means two things.

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posted by seven [137 posts]
6th September 2014 - 9:36

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Ordered mine 2 weeks ago. Where are they?

posted by dazwan [313 posts]
15th September 2014 - 21:20


Is anyone else still waiting for their window stickers? I paid over 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything since. Angry I don't want to have to go ask PayPal for my money back.

posted by dazwan [313 posts]
21st September 2014 - 2:11