Coming to your local Premier Calendar race or Tour Series round soon

Ikea is not normally our favourite place but last time we were there we walked out with something altogether snazzier than flatpack furniture – co-sponsorship of a professional racing outfit Team Planet X – road.cc. Nice.

Getting a team was the easy bit though now comes the altogether tougher challenge of kitting them out with some dapper jerseys that'll make 'em stand out in the peloton (no race radio in the Premier Calendar or Tour Series this year) and on TV and that all their soon to be legions of fans would be happy to wear too.

That's where you all come in, we've had the digital colouring kits out and we've come up with some designs, we think we've got a winner – that's it up top. It's been mahyem* getting to this point so… we'd like to run it past you lot first. After all we've always said road.cc is a club – that's what the .cc is there for so – tell us what you think. 

The jerseys here are our final shortlist in descending order, but check the gallery to see the longer list – click on the gallery pics and comment on the ones you like – Planet X may make more than one team jersey… some of them in wool too.


This one riffs on the old del tongo Colnago jersey. A big favourite with Planet X boss Dave Loughran - cos it reminds him of when he was 18.

 We liked the del tongo vibe too, but in blue… don't tell Dave.


Taking an all together more Belgian inspired turn of direction is this daring little green number. 


Stepping away from the retro theme this one is sure to stand out in a crowd or a sprint for the line. Runs the blue jersey a close second in these parts.  

 We'll be talking a lot more about the new team in the coming days and weeks introducing you to the riders and their bikes… some sort of Planet X we're guessing. When you pop in to IKEA for some meatballs, sponsoring a racing team is not usually high on the agenda, but now that we've got one we're going to enjoy it in new and different ways, and we're going to share that fun around.

So, which one's your favourite jersey?

*Expect some exciting Mayhem based news in the very near future.

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