Wanted: cycling buddy for jaunt to South Africa

Mum says adventure cyclist can't go on her own

by Tom Henry   January 14, 2010  

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An unemployed graduate is hoping to cycle to the World Cup in South Africa this summer - and is looking for a companion to travel with her.

Lindsey Cole, from Buckinghamshire, has been unable to find a job since completing a masters degree in journalism, so instead she thought she'd do the 8,000 miles to South Africa in time for the World Cup finals in July.

But according to the BBC, Lindsey's mum isn't happy about her travelling through countries including Sudan, Ethiopia and Botswana on her own, and has insisted she find a co-rider for the five-month adventure.

"Being a girl it's not really safe on my own - my mother was not at all happy about the idea of me going all that way on my own at all. So I'm looking for someone mad enough to do it with me," she said.

"It could be either male or female - that doesn't matter at all, but it would definitely have to be someone with personality, ambition, drive and of course someone who wants some adventure.

"It doesn't have to be someone who is necessarily experienced in cycling, as long as they have determination to succeed - they don't even have to be a football supporter either."

The trip will begin in Egypt's capital, Cairo, in February.

Anyone interested in making the trip can e-mail Lindsey at: joinmecycle2sa@gmail.com

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When I read the first line of the article, why I thought 'do they have a MTB world cup in SA'? It was only at the 'they don't even need to be a football fan' that I twigged there's a football world cup on this year.


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posted by AdamML [72 posts]
14th January 2010 - 14:41

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Well, I'm all up for it combining as it does the twin attractions of a nice interesting bike ride with a bit of footie at the end. And Lindsey looks like a not unattractive companion. My wife's not so keen, however......

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posted by NickInBath [41 posts]
14th January 2010 - 15:00

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Yes, I can't help thinking this attractive young woman would be better off taking her chances with brigands, guerrillas and terrorists than with many of the people who will reply to this request. Now what's her email, I wonder... Thinking Big Grin

posted by wild man [295 posts]
14th January 2010 - 16:05

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where does an unemployed graduate get the cash from to cycle to south africa and watch the world cup?. still good luck to her.

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
14th January 2010 - 16:46

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Reckon she will make a few quid selling her story and put herself in the shop window for job. Good luck to her, can't see my daughter having that get up and go.

Hope to finish work this summer and could have been tempted but thanks to Thierry Henry our boys won't be there:-(

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posted by Blackhound [466 posts]
14th January 2010 - 21:34

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