Rolf Prima wheels find UK distributor

High end hoops coming into the UK this year

by Dave Atkinson   January 13, 2010  

Oregon-based hoopsters Rolf Prima are set to roll out their range in the UK thanks to a new deal struck with Chocolate distribution. The high-end wheel manufacturer has been looking to get rolling over here in Blighty for a while, and the new agreement means that Rolf's range – which covers everything from Carbon TT wheels to tandem hoops – will be avaialable over here soon.

Rolf Prima is the brainchild of engineer Rolf Dietrich, who pioneered the paired spoke technology that Rolf is famous for and still uses today. High manufacturing standards and hand assembly mean that Rolf can currently claim to have the most sparsely spoked 'standard' wheel currently on sale: their 10-spoke Carbon TT front wheel isn't UCI legal, falling below their minimum requirement of 12 spokes per wheel, but it certainly is a thing of wonder. Big-boned riders can look away now though: at 98kg I'm only allowed to sit on bikes sporting five of the range of 24 wheels – two of those are tandem wheels, too...

"Rolf Prima wheels epitomize quality and performance", says Jeremy Crook, Managing Director at Chocolate distribution. "They provide fantastic products that we would want to race on ourselves.” He would say that though, so we've got our request in for some sample sets so that we can judge for ourselves. Stay tuned for our thoughts as soon as we can get our hands on a set.

To find out more about Rolf Prima's range you can head over to or alternatively download the PDF brochure below, which the nice folks at Chocolate sent over.

2010 Rolf Prima Catalog.pdf4.27 MB

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mmm, would look good on the felt...would need to sell everything I own to buy them though I expect (and hide them from the missus)

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
13th January 2010 - 15:29


given that I'm a svelte 72kg, I'm happy to test the wheels for you! Can compare to HED, Bontrager, Mavic & Easton as have them...

posted by the-yorkshire-p... [180 posts]
14th January 2010 - 10:23