Driver "no longer works for Golden Tours" says bus operator...

In a breath-taking piece of irresponsible driving a driver for London tourist bus operator Golden Tours has been caught on camera deliberately driving on a pavement in order to block two cyclists whom he felt the need to tell off.

According to the comments on his original YouTube posting, cyclist Ali Choudhry (19) from Ilford, was riding through London with a friend on August 2 when they noticed they were being tailgated by a Golden Tours bus.

“This driver decided to spice things up a bit for us with a blend of typical road rage," said Choudhry. "He tailgated us at literally 3 feet and got angry for being held up for a few seconds but had all the time in the world to stop and vent his fury.”

Choudhry and his friend, who was riding through London for the first time, took refuge on the pavement, but as you can see in the video, the driver also turned off the road to block their path.

He opens the bus doors and begins to shout at the riders until Choudhry points out his video camera.

“I bet he intended to do a lot more but backed off when he saw the camera and the fact i wasn't alone," said Choudhry.

Asked if he had notified the driver's employer, he replies: "Yup. Have already sent them the video link via contact us on their website. I hope they do sort it out as best as they can. The driver really needs to control his irrational anger and what he does as a result of it."

In response to the video being drawn to the company's attention on Twitter, Golden Tours said he was no longer working there:


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