Virtual Tour 2010 is 'beautiful', say developers...

The first screenshots of the Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2010 game have been revealed. 'Beautiful and immersive', say the developers.

Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive say images testify to the great improvement added to the popular sports game series.

"Benefiting from a new more beautiful and more powerful graphic engine," says the blurb, "Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2010 marks one of the most important steps since the beginning of the series.

Improvements have been added including high-resolution photo-realistic textures, new handling of the flora, described as 'luxuriant', reworked ambient lighting and gigantic environments.

Other add-ons include a whole new Season mode, which lets you create and customise your own competitions: choice of teams, legs/races and the draft. There is a new race editor that allows the creation of new and extremely detailed races where you can control every element from weather to the ambient setting and the curves of the roads. The topographic tool included in the editor even allows the players to create races in real locations.

What we don't know yet is when the game is out, but expect it reasonably soon. Other screenshots can be found here.