Danish bike thief steals more than he bargained for… three sleeping children

Police thank "responsible" thief for delivering kids safely to neighbour

by Simon_MacMichael   January 5, 2010  

Christiania bike.jpg

A bicycle thief in Copenhagen got rather more than he bargained for when he stole a Christiania transport bike in the Danish capital when he subsequently found three children sleeping in the cargo box.

The children’s father had left them asleep while he popped into a shop in the city’s Nørrebro district, and according to the Copenhagen Post, as soon as the thief discovered his haul, he asked the eldest child, age seven, where they lived, and promptly delivered them to a neighbour.

The latter contacted the police, who arrested a 39-year-old man shortly afterwards, with duty officer Mads Firlings of Copenhagen Police saying, "he actually acted very responsibly once he discovered the children.”