Video: How to corner in a bunch

The right way to get through a bend quickly and safely

by Mat Brett   July 29, 2014  

Corner in a bunch

The latest video in the Racesmart series from British Cycling explains how to corner safely while riding in a bunch. The video is aimed at promoting responsible racing but the basics apply to all kinds of bunch riding.

The video tells you to shave off speed before the corner rather than when you’re riding through it, and advises you to give yourself enough time and space to react to riders who dart up the inside.

When riding in a group you might not be able to take the best racing line so the video tells you that you’ll have to take the same curve as those around you and to avoid erratic moves.

The video also shows you how sprinting hard coming out of a corner can be a great way to put space between you and the riders behind, and tells you to be on your guard to stop any gaps developing in front of you to avoid getting dropped.