Video: What's inside the Team Sky mechanics’ truck?

A vast range of spares, the comfiest workplace in pro team wrenching and stems in millimetre increments

by John Stevenson   July 15, 2014  

Inside the Team Sky mechanics' truck

Most of us are content to tweak our bike fit to within a few millimetres, but that’s not enough precision for those magnificent men with their marginal gains at Team Sky. As you can see in this video from GCN, the stem drawer in the team Sky mechanics’ truck is a precision fit-fettler’s wet dream, filled with a selection of stems in single millimetre length increments.

That’s not the only unusual feature of the truck uncovered by Simon Richardson here. It has novel expandable sides so even with 27 bikes and a huge number of wheels hung inside, there’s still plenty of room for the mechanics. That means they don’t have to work outside under an Ez-Up, the fate of most pro team spanner-wielders, but can be inside and comfortable in all weathers.

The truck also has an area for the team helpers to store riders’ kit, washing machines for clothing and even an onboard vacuum cleaner stashed in an external compartment.

With all those choices of stem length, we can’t help thinking that Sky riders must be constantly wondering whether they could do with an extra millimetre, or a couple of milimetres less. Has this finally solved the mystery of just what Chris Froome is thinking about when he looks so intently at his stem

Chris Froome discusses his stem with an OPQS team staffer (CC BY-SA 2.0 licence by denismenchov08:Flickr)

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Do the stems also come in single degree angle increments? They could end up needing a separate truck just for stems at that rate.

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15th July 2014 - 13:26