Kit, rides, training tips, cake stops… bike shops, Wiggle turn to wisdom of the crowds to share their cycling knowledge

Online cycling retailer Wiggle have launched a new social hub which pulls in user-generated cycling recommendations from all over the web to make the collective wisdom of cyclists accessible to everyone.

The new platform, titled the #GoodStuff social hub, collects and displays tips on anything cycling related, including the best kit, routes, news and cake shops.

This is done by pulling in content featuring the #GoodStuff hashtag on a number of social media platforms, before being curated and proudly displayed on the front of Wiggle's new platform.

Wiggle say that the idea is to create a hub of ‘good stuff’ which can act as an easily accessible guide to the kit, rides or experiences that other cyclists like, as well as an aggregation of the best of the cycling retailer’s own guides, blogs and sites.

Currently the system supports posts from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. While Pinterest is not currently supported, the #GoodStuff page does appear to take some its design pointers from the pin-board sharing platform.

All of the posts are displayed in three columns which respond to a number of filter buttons at the top of the lists. These buttons allow users to choose to only see posts from particular social networks, specific accounts, or individual hashtags.

As bicycle sales continue to boom, Wiggle's movements in the recommendation market follow their advertising campaign which highlighted the reliability of their products - and their pledge to only sell kit that's truly up-to-scratch.

But the online retailer are not alone in trying to be the consumer's first port of call for recommendation. Halfords announced this week that they are looking to hire 400 'cycling gurus' to beef up its growing share in the bicycle market.

Wiggle’s head of brand marketing, Adam Ryan, however, is an advocate of the sharing culture in cycling saying that “sharing and recommendations are a massive part of my cycling life and the same is true for most of the people I know – be it where we ride, the products we love or the fantastic experiences we’ve had.

“We wanted to create a home for all of the good stuff that people love about cycling, a place where cyclists can easily come to find but also share those wonderful moments we all love – such as their favourite new jersey, an amazing route, or their child’s first time on a balance bike – the stuff that makes cycling special.”

Remember, Wiggle's #GoodStuff hashtag is not only applicable to kit and bikes. So, if you see anything on road.cc that you particularly like, feel free to ping it at Wiggle - along with the #GoodStuff tag.

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