Vin Cox aims to knock spots off Bowthorpe and Sayarer

Another contender for the round-the-world cycling record has pedalled forward in a bid to outdo Julian Emre Sayarer and road.cc favourite James Bowthorpe, who both set global benchmarks in 2009.

Vin Cox,  who lives in Cornwall, will visit six continents and cross more than 20 countries in 2010, as he aims to beat the 165 day record set by Sayarer. He has just ridden from Edinburgh to the Orkneys through some rather extreme winter weather - you can read how he got on via the updates on his website www.cyclo-cross. com.

According to the Derby Telegraph, the 34-year-old cyclo-cross champion - born in Derby -  has already cycled in America, Belgium and France, sees the 19,119-mile trip as 'an adventure.' 

Vin said while he hoped to break the world record, he wanted it to be an adventure.

He said: "There's not a set route for circumnavigation record attempts but there are rules. Above all, you need to start and finish in the same place, travel at least 18,000 miles and not back-track.

"But the route is special because I want to be the first record holder who has visited Africa and South America on the journey.

"In fact, the only continent I'll not visit is Antarctica but I should have the broadest experience of culture, climate and things which make life both difficult and exciting."

The trip starts in Britain in February. Vin will travel through France, down to South Africa, across India, through Thailand and Indonesia and into Australia and New Zealand.

He will then travel to Canada, crossing America, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina before hitting the south of Spain and making his way back up to Britain.

Mr Cox said: "The route is estimated at about 19,119 miles but really it's likely to be more because of the twists in the roads. It is subject to approval for a record attempt and flexible for security and visas and, ultimately, it allows me to have a proper adventure." The African leg of his route should certainly give him an adventure, before Christmas Sean Maher abandoned his attempt to ride to Cape Town following a series of Foreign Office travel warnings regarding various countries on his intended route.

The journey is also a charitable one, as Mr Cox has set himself a fund-raising target of £18,000 for the Geoff Thomas Foundation, which supports people with cancer.

The charity was set up in 2003 after ex-England and Crystal Palace footballer Geoff Thomas was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Mr Cox said: "I used to race with a lot of people involved with the charity and it seemed like a good idea for me to get involved too.

"The charity does fantastic work."

For information on how to sponsor Vin or to donate to the Geoff Thomas Foundation, visit www.cyclo-cross.com


Trev Allen [132 posts] 8 years ago

Vin Cox will surely put in a great ride regardless of whether he gets the record or not. Having raced against him and been at countless events where he had commentated I can only hope that the record does go his way.

Vin - wishing you all the best on your adventures. You will be missed on the circuit this summer that's for sure.

dkramsay [11 posts] 8 years ago

Ermm... may just be me but can someone confirm the "record" that Sayarer holds? As far as I can see he made an attempt on the Round the World but it's not been ratified, presumably since his route was highly dubious...  39

dave atkinson [6337 posts] 8 years ago

as of now neither james nor julian's record attempts have been ratified, so Mark Beaumont is still the record holder at the mo. when we hear otherwise, we'll say so here...

Tony Farrelly [2919 posts] 8 years ago

yep, you can read more about all the ins and outs here http://road.cc/content/news/12047-round-world-biking-whos-quickest

dkramsay [11 posts] 7 years ago

So if neither Bowthorpe not Sayaryer's attempts have been validated I really don't understand why they get so much press... they're often made out to be record holders when they're no such thing... the whole point of a record is that there are rules that need to be met/ proven for it to be valid - otherwise I'll maintain that I've cycled the world and should also be mentioned in the same article!! I'm being awkward to prove the point - but you catch my gist...