Crowds gather for top notch photography, free beer… and possibly the goody bags

The opening night of the Rouleur photography exhibition saw the cycling glitterati out in force. 

All right a lot of them were freeloading journos attracted  as much by the prospect of free beer and a goody bag as by the fine photography on display, but there was actual glitter and glamour in the house too. David Millar, Le Dandy, himself was in attendance wearing a natty off the shoulder num… a cardigan - plaid though so that was okay.

Prints of the photographs from the latest Rouleur annual were for sale and I would tell you how much they were if I hadn't left catalogue behind (and the goodie bag… sniff) . I will update this with the prices later, but I think we can say without fear of contradiction that they're reassuringly expensive.

Also on show (and for sale) were a set of road inspired pencil drawings by Jo Burt of Mint Sauce fame. I managed to catch up with him (the beer had slowed him down) and talked me through his drawings which were mainly inspired by "riding in the rain in October" in reaching for the desired effect he didn't stint on materials either, 'Descending the Tourmalet' in the rain, must have used up a whole pencil.

Anyway here's a selection of pics of people drinking free beer and some from the exhibition too.

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VecchioJo [402 posts] 8 years ago

hmmm, i wish i'd not told you you still had the lens-cap on now

Tony Farrelly [2893 posts] 8 years ago

 Our new blogging thingumy is ready to go… so get out on that road bike!

Rain with possible snow forecast for this weekend - so it'll practically count as "business development"