Video round-up: MTB vs Roadie Rap Battle plus much more

We scour the internet to bring you the pick of this week's cycling videos

by Simon_MacMichael   June 14, 2014  

MTB vs Road Rap Battle

With the rise of sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, there’s a wealth of video on the internet these days, much of it related to cycling. A lot of videos we see perhaps don’t merit their own story, but we feel are worth sharing – so this is the first of what will be a weekly round-up so you don’t miss anything.

MTB vs Roadie rap battle

Some people are mountain bikers. Some are road cyclists. Some, like our own VecchioJo, are both.

But which is better? There is only one way to settle it. Sorry, Harry Hill – that way is not a fight. Instead, it’s a rap battle. We love this (well, in an it's so cringeingly back you can only watch it though your fingers sort of a way - ed).

Underwater bike ride

We’re not sure what would possess anyone to attempt to ride a bike underwater – for a start, metal and H2O aren’t the world’s best mix – but that’s what this 17-year-old in Norway did. Warning – contains banjo music.

San Francisco 38 per cent climb, anyone?

The steepest part of any climb in this year’s Tour de France comes in Sheffield, where the final ascent on Stage 2, in Sheffield’s Jenkin Road, hits a one in three gradient.

Inevitably, things are bigger in the US. Here’s cyclist Joshua Diaz tackling what is only the second toughest climb in San Francisco – which has a gradient of 38 per cent. Our legs hurt just thinking about that.

Bad driving

Sadly our weekly round-up is likely to feature some examples of shocking driving, and this one is no exception.

Here’s a van driver who is in such a rush to get to his destination that he overtakes a car that is passing a cyclist, and only avoids hitting another vehicle head-on because the other driver saw what was happening and braked.

Bristol bus driver harasses cyclist

This isn’t the first video we’ve seen from Bristol of a bus driver being a bit of an arse when there’s a cyclist around.

In this instance, the bus operator involved, First West of England, told the Bristol Post: "We are aware of the video that has been posted online.

"A member of our social media team has contacted the individual involved to obtain the specific details so that the matter can be formally investigated.

"As part of this process we will review all the footage, including any recorded by the bus’ own CCTV cameras.

"We would like to take the opportunity to reassure customers and other road users that we take our responsibilities as a public transport operator very seriously.

"We have recently stepped up our level of engagement with cyclists with a view to improving the relationship between them and our own drivers," the company added.

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Loved the rap very funny. The clip featuring our favourite neanderthal (white van man) begs the question did you report it to the police did you get the oncoming car drivers details or give your own (to them) in case they want to make a police complaint?


posted by FATBEGGARONABIKE [734 posts]
14th June 2014 - 21:21


Rap vid is hilarious!

That driver's gonna need to lube his chain.

That hill is mental, as is the van driver

posted by gazza_d [420 posts]
14th June 2014 - 22:08


Much prefer the round up, than loads of youtube warriors filling up your home page. Good work.

Bianchi on the road.
NMD in the water.

posted by rowes [62 posts]
14th June 2014 - 22:08


Rap battle was gold! Good find!

Canyon Roadlite Centaur/ Veloce groupset, Shamal wheels

Miles253's picture

posted by Miles253 [211 posts]
15th June 2014 - 7:57


Rap brilliant more please.

posted by Yorkshie Whippet [487 posts]
15th June 2014 - 8:32


Check out MC Spandex if you haven't seen them before

If you're not living on the edge you take up to much room.

posted by UrbanBushman [26 posts]
16th June 2014 - 23:31