Video: How to race in a bunch

Essential technique and etiquette advice for group racing

by Mat Brett   June 11, 2014  

Bunch racing

British Cycling has released a video supporting its Racesmart campaign showing you how to race in a bunch. Although the video is about racing most of the basics on safe positioning and etiquette apply to bunch riding in any situation.

The video, presented by former pro rider Matt Stephens, explains the best way to position yourself in a bunch with your front wheel behind and slightly to the outside of the rear wheel in front of you to avoid contact if that rider brakes suddenly, and cautions you not to make sudden, unexpected movements that might be dangerous.

The video talks through the etiquette of racing in close proximity to other riders, advising you to warn others of upcoming hazards and letting people know exactly where you are in the bunch and what you intend to do.

It also covers aspects of decision making like picking your line and choosing when to eat and drink.

If you’re already racer or you intend to start racing on the road, check out the video.

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Could have done with this before the Hereford Climb on Bikes RR on sunday.

Eejits over the white line and not being able to ride in a bunch by all accounts

posted by lard [14 posts]
11th June 2014 - 12:51

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KalaBlinds 'cos we all need our beauty sleep.

posted by don simon [144 posts]
11th June 2014 - 19:22

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