Video: Alabama driver arrested after posting anti-cyclist rants

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A driver from Alabama USA has been arrested after posting incriminating videos of himself online, first ranting about cyclists and then allegedly attempting to scare a pair of cyclists with a close pass.

According to The Aniston Star, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Keith Maddox of Piedmont after complaints from cyclists about Maddox’s videos, in which he rants about cyclists getting in his way as he drives to work.

After passing one rider, Maddox can be heard saying “I’m going to hurt one of them one of these days, I can’t help it. I’m going to do it, I can’t help it.”

In his most recent video, after Maddox pulls alongside a pair of riders, he is heard to say: “That scare ya boys? Get your pedalin’ butts off the road. God I hate cyclists.”

Maddox has been charged with misdemeanour reckless endangerment.

YouTube user Jeff McCord compiled Maddox’s three videos - apparently filmed using a handheld mobile phone - into one clip:

Maddox has since removed the videos from his Facebook page and issued an apology.

He wrote: “I want to publicly apologize to all people that I have offended over those absolute stupid videos that I posted ... anybody who knows me knows that would never ever intentionally hurt anyone. I am truly sorry for anyone I may have offended ... and please everyone share the road and be very aware of bicycle riders everywhere.”