GoCycle Santas take on London traffic today

30 Santas to spend the day riding around London landmarks on electric folding bikes

by Tony Farrelly   December 9, 2009  

GoCycle Santa

Tis the season for a Santa-based publicity gimmick and folding electric bike maker GoCycle is making the most of it. If you are out and about in central London today look out for 30 GoCycle Santas delivering presents.

The thirty-strong Gocycle Santas will take on central London on Wednesday, 9th December. According to the press release they'll be bringing high-speed Christmas cheer (well relatively high speed) to Oxford Street, Winter Wonderland, Harrods, Selfridges and more.

The Gocycle Santas will be stopping at the following London landmarks.

11.00 am   Waterloo train station
12.45 pm Harrods
3.30 pm  Selfridges followed by Oxford Street ride
5.00 pm Trafalgar Square
5.30pm Waterloo Train Station

Actually, if you do spot one they are well worth a look. The GoCycle is a rechargeable folding electric bike that really does seem to have raised the bar for this type of bike. We had a quick gander at one at Eurobike where it carted off the Gold Design Award (but we're not holding that against it). GoCycle reckon that running costs are lower than using public transport. Okay, that doesn't mean it's cheap though.

We look forward to testing one. You can find out more about GoCycle at www.gocycle.com.