Live, work or study in Lambeth? Try cycling in the city for 4 weeks for just £10

Lambeth Council and LCC launch 'Try Before You Bike' cycle trial scheme

by Sarah Barth   May 4, 2014  

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If you live, work or study in the London borough of  Lambeth and fancy trying out city cycling before investing in a bike, Lambeth Council and London Cycling Campaign Projects have jointly launched a ‘Try Before You Bike’ scheme allowing users to hire a bike, lock and safety equipment for four weeks for £10.

There’ll be cycle training and maintenance courses on offer throughout the loan period too, and a 24-hour phone line for practical help.

In return, the users have to keep a diary of the cycling they do.

When the hire period ends there’s the chance to buy the bike or return it.

There’s a range of men’s and women’s bikes available, including some folding models.

Induction sessions are run every Tuesday fortnight at a location close to Oval Tube Station and you can arrive anytime between 3pm and 8pm. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to collect a bike and you’ll need to provide some photo ID and your address.

For more information on the scheme click here.


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What a brilliant idea! Hopefully it will be a roaring success that other councils will adopt.

posted by belgravedave [245 posts]
5th May 2014 - 12:33


i did this at Decathlon in Canada Water, i tested a bike for 2 weeks before then buying a new one. However, I wasn't even forced into buying one, great service i must say

posted by KOShea20 [6 posts]
5th May 2014 - 18:09


Deals of bike hire inclusive with rent (for car free housing - ran from 2005-2009 with pre BCH bike hire scheme in London) or as employee/student benefit (already running at Greenwich and GSK) plus of course inclusive with travelcard (The Key - Newcastle, and SWTrains Brompton hire since 2009 at special rate to season ticket holders.

A workplaces scheme also ran in Southwark documented in a TfL report.

47 years of breaking bikes and still they offer me a 10 year frame warranty!

A V Lowe's picture

posted by A V Lowe [531 posts]
6th May 2014 - 10:06


It sounds like a very good scheme, and I like the fact that they're offering cycle training as part of this.

I wouldn't advise anyone new to cycling to set off on a commute to the centre of London for the first time without some support. If they're lucky they'll have an experienced friend or co-worker who can show them the ropes, but a few lessons are the next best option.

posted by bikebot [1048 posts]
7th May 2014 - 11:09