The latest Kickstarter projects: Shelfie, Cyclehack and Ultimate Bike Share Bag

Indoor cycle storage, a Boris bike bag and Cyclehack cycle campaign event

by David Arthur @davearthur   May 5, 2014  

Another browse of Kickstarter for the latest cycling projects seeking funding reveals bicycle storage, a bike hire bag and a cycling awareness event in Scotland.

Shelfie bicycle storage

Shelfie came about when its inventor says he couldn’t find an indoor storage solution that didn’t work for all his bikes without scratching the frame or kinking the cables. So he developed a storage unit that uses the saddle to support the bicycle.

It’s a pretty smart looking unit, and also doubles up as a shelf so you can store a cycling helmet and other bits and bobs. Obviously the rack is limited to store just one bicycle, and it does look like the biggest hindrance could potentially be handlebar width.

Such is the interest, they’ve surpassed their funding goal of $30,000 by some way, with eight days remaining. It has bungees to securely attach it to the bicycle rack, reflective details to help you stand out at night, and it’s water-resistance with a polyurethance coated polyester and waxed canvas construction.

They’re looking for $7,500 funding with 27 days remaining.

Ultimate Bike Share Bag

This project is aiming to get funding to manufacture a bag designed to fit in the front rack of hire bicycles.

They’ve developed a bag which they’re confident fits most hire bike racks yet can still swallow a 15in laptop. Off the bike it has carry handles and a shoulder strap and looks just like a normal bag.

Cyclehack 48-hour Scottish cycling event

You might think Kickstarter is purely used for funding products, but you’d be wrong, it’s also a good place for getting events off the ground. Cyclehack is a 48-hour event with the aim of improving cycling in Scotland.

Over a weekend in June the organisers aim to bring together designers, developers, drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, planners and makers to try and deal with the barriers preventing cycling being more accessible as a form of transport.

“While government agencies and cycling organisations look at infrastructure and which cycle routes should go where, we believe that there are lots of small ideas that can be considered and implemented to make a big difference on the streets,” says Cyclehack.

They’re aiming to “raise the profile and reduce the barriers to cycling. We want to create an accessible community of dynamic people (both online and in Scotland) with diverse skills who care about their journeys as much as we do.” 

The ‘hacks’, a term they’re using to describe a barrier to cycling, such as better signage on trains for bikes and better cycle parking, will be tracked and made available from their website for others to share and build upon.

If you’re interested, they're seeking £5,000 funding and they already have 38 backers with seven days to go.

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Like the Shelfie thing - my main ride hangs by the saddle off a 2" nylon webbing strap slung over a garage beam. Been there as a 'temp' solution now for 3 years.

I was told there would be Cake. Luckily there's

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posted by KiwiMike [944 posts]
5th May 2014 - 21:35


Selfies look great actually

Canyon Roadlite Centaur/ Veloce groupset, Shamal wheels

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posted by Miles253 [211 posts]
6th May 2014 - 3:43


These storage ideas should also give some thought to security. Anyone looking at such a system is probably a city dweller, and thus should be thinking about security even inside their home.

If it's anchored to the wall securely enough to support the weight of the bike, it should also be possible to loop a d-lock or chain through a solid part of the mount and the bike frame.

If you're unlucky enough to have a burglar, your bike is probably more valuable and easy to sell than many other things in your home. An expensive bike may even attract some attention.

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6th May 2014 - 7:08



posted by rich22222 [154 posts]
6th May 2014 - 16:08


A cut-n-paste error in this one guys - the sentence which commences "It has two bungees…" and the one following have found their way into the end of the Shelfie section, when they belong at the end of the bike bag section.'s picture

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8th May 2014 - 2:21