Infinity Pedal, Double O lights and Cyckit minimalist saddle bag seek funding on crowd-funding website

Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website, has proved a popular place for designers and inventors to pitch new cycling products in the last couple of years, and here are three of the best projects on there right now. In this roundup both Infinity Pedal and Double O lights and Cyckit's saddle bag are nearing the end of their pledging period.

Cyckit minimalist saddle bag

There are plenty of saddle bags on the market but Pat Reardon from New Zealand thought he could do better, and this super slim design certainly looks a good improvement on many of the less-than-svelte bags if you want a minimalist bag for the essential.

It’s made from 2mm thick tough injection moulded plastic and is waterproof. It fits to the saddle with a single 4mm bolt. There is no zipper, instead a rubber latch provides quick and easy access to the contents. And it’s light, at a claimed 109g.

Most importantly are its svelte looks, it’s obviously a minimalist bag for racing bikes for carrying just the essentials, freeing up your jersey pockets for more food. You can fit a tube, tyre levers, gas canister and small multitool inside, and everything is designed to fit very snugly so there’s no space for anything to rattle.

They’re looking for $20,000 of backing with $3,335 currently pledged, with eight days remaining. More info

MöBIUS Cycling Infinity pedal

We covered the Kickstarter launch of the MöBIUS Cycling Infinity pedal, an extremely minimalist and lightweight pedal design. It’s the creation of engineer Sam Hunter, his first cycling product, who set out to design a pedal that is really simple to use.

He's certainly succeeded in creating one of the lightest pedal systems around, the regular steel version weighing just 236g, and that’s including the cleats. A titanium version will drop the weight down to a claimed 190g.

As you know with Kickstarter, none of the projects become reality if they don't’ succeed in hitting their pledge goal. That's why we're mentioning this project again, Sam is currently at $83,867 of an $85,000 goal, with just 26 hours to go.

More info

Double O magnet LED lights

Another project that is close to its goal (but could do with an extra push) is the Double O. The donut-shaped lights attach to a cradle via magnets, so they can be removed very easily. That’s handy when you’re locking your bike up and don’t want to return to find your lights have been stolen - you can remove them easily and take them away with you.

The mounts fix sturdily to the handlebars or seatpost and the Double O light snaps into place with strong magnets. The designers are confident the lights won’t fall off with the first pothole you ride through: “We have done extensive tests to ensure that the magnets are robust enough and the lights stay on.”

They’ve even tested the lights by riding down steps, which while not conclusive by any means, does show they’re reasonably well attached to not rattle off at the first sign of some excessive vibration.

The lights offer three modes (steady, flashing and eco) with a run time claimed to be between 2 and 10 hours. The front light pumps out 80 lumens while the rear light provides 45 lumens, so they’re very bright. They charge via USB in just 1.5 hours.

They currently have 19 hours remaining to reach their $75,000 goal, with $72,059 currently pledged at the time of writing.  

More info

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