Follow the boys on steel as Alex Peters and Peter Hawkins take a 1-2 in Northumberland

If you like watching videos that show the reality of the UK road racing scene then you can do a lot worse than check out the Madison channel on Vimeo, where the Madison-Genesis regularly post updates.

Normally we'd say something like 'gritty reality' but the video doesn't major on the heavy rain and 50mph winds but rather the tactics of the team, who sent three man into the break early on and from that selection managed to get two riders out on their own to take first and second on stage 1. Team director Roger Hammond then made sure that they controlled the race on day 2 to take the overall spoils.

The team setup for this race (a well-equipped team wagon and support crew) also juxtaposes nicely with the early part of last year, when the team were racing the Tour of Mallorca out of the back of a white van they'd driven down from Milton Keynes. Things are looking up...

Madison Genesis - 2014 Tour of the Reservoir from Madison on Vimeo.

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