New cycle map celebrates Bristol's maritime heritage

Initiative ties in with floating harbour bicentenary celebrations

by Simon_MacMichael   December 1, 2009  


Bristol City Council has launched a new cycling and walking guide to the South-West port city’s historic harbourside to tie in with the Bristol Floating Harbour 200 bicentenary celebrations.

The 60-page booklet covers the whole of the harbour area and shows around ten miles of routes extending from Netham to Cumberland Basin, reports the website, Bristol24/7. It includes period pictures taken from Bristol’s Museums Galleries & Archives, together with contemporary pictures of the same scenes.

The booklet was written by Andy King, Curator of Maritime History for Bristol’s Museums, who said: “I’ve really enjoyed walking and cycling around the harbour over the last thirty years. I hope that others will discover more about it through these trails. The aim is to encourage people to explore the tremendous asset that they have on their doorsteps.”

It can be picked up for free at the City Museum & Art Gallery, the Central Library and various venues by the harbour, and can also be ordered online at