Name change for Team Garmin Slipstream… now they're Team Garmin Transitions

Eyewear company named as new co-title sponsor

by Tony Farrelly   November 27, 2009  


It's goodbye Slipstream hello Transitions as the men in Argyle today announced a new sponsor and a change of name. Transitions Optical will be the team's new co-sponsor along with Garmin and the team will now be known as Garmin Transitions with the name of the management company that owns and runs the team being dropped from its title.

And who are Transistions? Well, according to the press release announcing the change:

Optical is the world's leading manufacturer of adaptive eyewear, offering the
 most advanced photochromic technology in the widest selection of spectacle
lenses such as Transitions lenses as well as Transitions SOLFX(R) sun wear.
From the mountains of the Grand Tours to the cobbles of the Classics, Team
 Garmin-Transitions athletes will wear Transitions(R) lenses as they race and
train around the globe in various lighting conditions. make adapative spectacle lenses – prescription lenses which adapt to the light conditions.

So now you know. And just to get this out of the way early, yes, they will be a team in Transition… yes, okay, Transitions for the foreseeable future. We're that won't be the last time that joke is made either or the one about them moving in to triathlon…