Cracked and broken units lead Shimano offshoot to call 'em all back in

PRO, Shimano's component arm, has issued a voluntary recall of its Hi-Comp stem after a number of the units were returned with cracks and two broke whilst being ridden. If you've got one, the advice is to stop using it immediately and return it to the shop where you bought it, where you'll get a full refund.

Here's the official release:

Pro has identified a potential safety issue involving the PRO Hi-Comp road racing bicycle
stems produced between November 2003 and June 2006. Due to fatigue these stems may
crack and eventually break. If this happens during cycling, the cyclist may lose control of
the bicycle, which could lead to serious injuries.

As all PRO products should meet the highest industry standards, as a precautionary measure, and in the interest of putting the safety of its consumers fi rst, PRO has decided to undertake a voluntary recall of all affected stems.

The models affected are all PRO stems branded with the “PRO Hi-Comp” logo as shown on the picture.

If you have a PRO stem branded “PRO Hi-Comp”, whatever the size or diameter, stop using it immediately. Please return it to the retailer it was purchased from for a full refund of the purchase price.

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