875g a pair, but you'll need to rob the Post Office*

Tom Marchment from Upgrade bikes popped over to road.cc towers the other day, and accompanying him were a set of Reynolds' über-high-end RZR wheels. They're the brainchild of Carbon wheel legend Paul Lew, who when he's not making top end hoops is building unmanned aircraft for the US military. Reynolds proudly claim the RZR as the world's lightest wheelset (maybe that should be the world's lightest production wheelset), and at 875g a pair they really are almost unfeasibly light. And, if you're a sunday bimbler and occasional sportive number-maker-upper like us, unfeasibly expensive too at the best part of five grand for a set.

As with anything in the rarified atmosphere of money-no-object bike bling, it's a case of big extra bucks for increasingly small returns, but if you absolutely have to have the lightest, finest hand-crafted wheels money can buy then the RZRs could be seen as a bit of a bargain, given that Lew Composites wheels based on very similar technology were costing $12,000 and upwards when Mr Lew was knocking them out from his shed without the backing and economies of scale of a major player.

And what's so special about the RZRs? Well, lots of things apparently. We asked Tom to elucidate while we pointed a camera at his face, and here's the result....

*don't rob Post Offices - it's naughty.

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