On video: Reynolds RZR wheelset

875g a pair, but you'll need to rob the Post Office*

by Dave Atkinson   November 25, 2009  

Reynolds RZR wheels - rim

Tom Marchment from Upgrade bikes popped over to road.cc towers the other day, and accompanying him were a set of Reynolds' über-high-end RZR wheels. They're the brainchild of Carbon wheel legend Paul Lew, who when he's not making top end hoops is building unmanned aircraft for the US military. Reynolds proudly claim the RZR as the world's lightest wheelset (maybe that should be the world's lightest production wheelset), and at 875g a pair they really are almost unfeasibly light. And, if you're a sunday bimbler and occasional sportive number-maker-upper like us, unfeasibly expensive too at the best part of five grand for a set.

As with anything in the rarified atmosphere of money-no-object bike bling, it's a case of big extra bucks for increasingly small returns, but if you absolutely have to have the lightest, finest hand-crafted wheels money can buy then the RZRs could be seen as a bit of a bargain, given that Lew Composites wheels based on very similar technology were costing $12,000 and upwards when Mr Lew was knocking them out from his shed without the backing and economies of scale of a major player.

And what's so special about the RZRs? Well, lots of things apparently. We asked Tom to elucidate while we pointed a camera at his face, and here's the result....

*don't rob Post Offices - it's naughty.

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I have heard some major BS in my time but this guy is taking the biscuit. Its obvious he is brain washed with BS. I bet if I put those wheels in my bike and ride up say Snake pass or Winnats Pass I can get those rims to rub on the brake pads no sweat.I am 85kg and well past racing. 4 broken spokes with 20 miles to go and won the stage, err I would love to see the proof of this, at that distance a wheel change of bike change would take place. How many times does he use the word errr ? Military grade carbon is available everywhere so big deal, does it make you go fatser than non military grade ? NO.

posted by drgarypoole [2 posts]
25th November 2009 - 15:46


ah, dr gary. so basically your argument is:

1) you've decided the wheels are flexy without trying them
2) you don't believe an anecdote
3) someone that says 'errr' when being filmed is lying

that's a pretty solid argument Big Grin

not that i'll be buying a set. but i'd love to try them. at least then i'd have some basis for a post like yours. and some miles on some really expensive wheels.

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
25th November 2009 - 15:52


Er, well apart from the errs I think drgarypoole has a point

On a bike somewhere…

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posted by thebikeboy [138 posts]
25th November 2009 - 19:59


I only speak from over 30 years experience working with wheels and carbon, but then again hey what do I know ??? oh I forgot to mention the 15+ years racing experience I have as well. There is far to much BS and mirrors from wheel companies right now and this one is right up there with the best of them

posted by drgarypoole [2 posts]
26th November 2009 - 13:18


I only speak from over 30 years experience working with wheels and carbon

more experience of working with wheels and carbon than Paul Lew? so which ones did *you* design? maybe we could have a head-to-head. or maybe a head-to-HED Smile
I don't have any experience of working with carbon at all. but you haven't exactly demonstrated your massive experience by saying 'they might bend'. what precisely are your objections to what's being said? I'm not necssarily disagreeing with you. at the moment there's nothing to disagree with.

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
26th November 2009 - 13:40


I have owned Some Lew Wheels which fell apart see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NASEZT0HK0
I contacted Paul Lew Recently where he said he would look into it but he has since ignored me and blocked my IP address. I would never buy the Reynolds RZR's for fear of the same problems and lack of customer care.
If you want to go faster get a coach and a power meter not a unproven expensive wheelset like the RZR .

posted by EXCEED [1 posts]
1st December 2009 - 9:58