Bike Swanky demo fleet lets you try before you buy or lease
Wide range of bikes and wheels available to use before you commit

Bike Swanky now has an extensive range of bikes and wheelsets, covering all cycling disciplines and a range of prices, that you can try out before you buy.

Effectively, the demo fleet allows you to have an extended test ride. The fleet includes road bikes, triathlon/time trial bikes, Audax and touring bikes, commuter/city bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes.

The road bike fleet, for example, includes models from DeRosa – the SuperKing, Idol, Merak and R848 – Argon 18, Airstreeem and Roux while cyclocross bikes are available from BH, Kinesis and Roux.

Wheelsets include options from Fulcrum – Racing Zeros, among others – 3T and Token.

Bike Swanky offers riders three different ways to get hold of bikes, components and accessories. You can buy outright, get the bike on two-year 0% finance (on items from £150), or go for a two-year lease.

To try out the bikes and wheels, you need to contact Bike Swanky on 020 8133 6432 or use the contact page on www.bikeswanky.co.uk.

Mat has worked for more bike magazines than anyone else in the known universe, dating back to a time when this was all just fields. He's been road.cc technical editor for four years, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. We send him off around the world to get all the news from launches and shows too. When he's not cycling around Wiltshire, he's running around it, or possibly swimming (sadly, he's one of those 'triathletes'). Mat is a youthful 42-year-old Cambridge graduate, GSOH etc.


geargrinderbeard [83 posts] 1 year ago

I was most disappointed when I logged on to bikes wanky...

Bike Swanky [39 posts] 1 year ago

Perhaps you should try using lubricant old chap!

In the meantime, try out www.bikeSwanky.com .....you'll find it much more pleasurable  103

notfastenough [3655 posts] 1 year ago

That warning light you can see is your humour detector requiring a servicing.