NAHBS 2014 in pictures: The award-winning bikes and frames

A look at the best road bikes and frames from the recent North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show

by David Arthur @davearthur   March 25, 2014  


The North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS) has been going for the best part of the last decade, and brings together some of the finest frame builders displaying truly stunning, innovative and beautiful bicycles of all persuasions. On this page are the award-winning bikes and frames from the show.

While NAHBS does attract frame builders from around the world, it's predominantly a show full of US builders. Many of the standout bikes are created by independent frame builders, this collection of award-winning frame builders demonstrates the diversity of the cycling industry away from the mainstream manufacturers, with an eye on individuality and, well just doing things a little differently because they can and want to.

The best of the best get to walk away with the a coveted NAHBS award, and here are all the award-winners. We’ve included the mountain bikes as well as the road bikes, because they’re all bicycles and too nice not to include. And we have already featured one of the winning bicycles, the new Gravel Racer from Argonaut Cycles.

Best Road Bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles

Best Mountain Bike: Breadwinner Cycles

Best Cyclocross Bike: Retrotec

Best Tandem Bike: Co-Motion Cycles

Best City/Utility Bike: Cykelmageren

Best Finish: Independent Fabrication

Best Theme Bike: Sycip Designs

Best New Builder: Harvey Cycle Works

President’s Choice: Peacock Groove

People’s Choice: Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.

Best in Show: Argonaut Cycles

You can read our detailed first look of Argonaut Cycle's new Gravel Racer here.

Best Track Bike: Six-Eleven Bicycles

Best Fillet-Brazed: Ellis Cycles

Best TIG-Welded: Kent Eriksen Cycles

Best Lay-Up: Argonaut Cycles

Best Campagnolo Equipped Bike: English Cycles

More at We'll have more information on some of these bikes in future articles. 

All images © 2014 Weldon Weaver

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Well… four of those manage not to be shit-the-bed ugly.

Bez's picture

posted by Bez [522 posts]
25th March 2014 - 23:12


I don't think these side on shots do some of the fat bikes justice... but what we really want from NAHBS is weirdness. Did you see Cycle Monkey's Oxide Battleaxe, with the 2 chains?

The Quiring full sus 29er tandems?

The Sinewave Reactor USB socket stem cap?

posted by bazzargh [146 posts]
26th March 2014 - 10:00


Love the rough stuff tourer bike on the disc/dyno hub and the metal light grilles, the Campag equipped English is pleasingly like a very early Giant TCR/OCR but with discs.

posted by MKultra [384 posts]
26th March 2014 - 14:12


Best Lay-Up? How are they assessing that, then?

posted by David Portland [89 posts]
26th March 2014 - 15:54


David Portland wrote:
Best Lay-Up? How are they assessing that, then?
It looks like naked carbon and it's been layed up by hand rather than mass produced?

posted by MKultra [384 posts]
26th March 2014 - 16:37


Bez wrote:
Well… four of those manage not to be shit-the-bed ugly.

I liked the track bike, which were the other three?


posted by Grizzerly [203 posts]
28th March 2014 - 8:45